Weyland is a brown pegasus pony standing on par with most earth stallions. His wind-swept mane is a rich auburn flecked with a few minor streaks of gray, indicating he might be older than he looks. On the top of his forehead are a pair of glossy flying goggles with scratched off lettering on the side. His deep indigo eyes contrast to his goggles rather intensely, giving his eyes a more piercing look. The rest of his figure seems indicative of a flyer; athletic build with a lean frame.

Like most pegasii, Weyland sports a pair of healthy wings, but these wings have lustrous plating along the arches. Judging by the way they conform to his wings in whatever state he has them, it's easy enough to see the material is reasonably lightweight and flexible. The one noticeable oddity on Weyland is his lack of a cutie mark. Instead his flank has a series of splotches that look natural in design, but artificial in creation. Whatever cutie mark he had has been removed deliberately, and likely painfully.


Weyland, formally known as Downdraft, was a talented flyer in his small town of Whickerton. As a young colt he spent a great deal of his time outdoors, flying with his local friends and performing dare-devil stunts against the wild weather that was abundant in his area of the world. Bonus points were awarded for mimicking moves from Thunder Strike and other Wonderbolts of that era. When he was deemed old enough by family and recruiters, he was sent off to the Friesian Emergency Management Agency to help fellow ponies combat the untamed fury of nature in their region. Due to his innate ability to fly into severe weather patterns with little difficulty, he was placed in the Tornado Division of FEMA with several other pegasii and taught how to rescue ponies in disaster areas and break apart tornadoes with disciplined formation-flying.

After many years, Weyland began to notice a change for the worst in management. His fears were confirmed when his team was sent out, unsupported, to break apart a cluster of tornadoes headed to his hometown of Whickerton. While his squad was successful at obliterating one of three tornadoes, half of his team was lost to the remaining two. In a matter of moments, Whickerton was wiped off the map and became a local tragedy. Furious from the lack of support, Weyland quit FEMA and set out to live a new life on his own, changing his name and removing his cutie marks for good measure.

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Uncirculated FEMA recruitment poster.

This is an old recruitment poster for FEMA that never went into production due to the abrupt end of the organization. This poster features (In horseshoe order of left to right) Dust Devil, Hard Tack, the Twister Sisters, and Downdraft (Weyland).

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