A child pony with a calico type coloring to his pelt. The colors are jet black with orange shining through in different areas. His jet black mane hangs partly in his light blue eyes and stops at the base of his neck. His tail is rather unruly and almost touches the ground behind him. The tip of his muzzle is orange that feathers in spikes up his face. All four legs are orange with almost like flame patterns from the knee down to his hoovs. There is no cutie mark on his flanks.


Born to a family of carpenter ponies his parents died when he was young. So the boy was raised by his grandfather. Even as a young foal he has learned to work with wood and make various things. He has yet to receive a cutie mark but no matter he was accepted into the Cutie Mark Crusaders. They are his best friends and he loves them dearly. It wasn't long after joining that his grandfather passed away.

It hit him hard but he kept quiet not letting anyone know. Even though it was winter he slept in the clubhouse on Apple Acres without telling anyone. Later on he met Vinyl Scratch in the Marketplace and she took him home. Now he has become a part of the Memory family and they are working on adopting him fully. Still his story unfolds....

My relations: 

Relation typeAbout the relation
  • Family

Marble Memory has taken him into his family as a son.

  • Family

Vinyl Scratch is his adopted mother.

  • Family

Memoire Musique is his little sister! LSBFF

  • Friend

Apple Bloom is his best friend!

  • Friend

Scootaloo is a close friend!

  • Friend

Sweetie Belle is a close friend!

  • Friend

Fluttershy helped him choose a pet and he helps her out with the animals.

  • Pet

Chipper is his pet chipmunk.