Starfire is a pegasus. Unlike most of the pegasi seen throughout Equestria she seems to be slightly larger than most and lacks bright colors, being almost pure white. Another thing noticable right off, she seems to have much better muscle tone overall. Strong wings and legs, she certainly doesn't look like your average cloud pusher.

Her main body fur is indeed a bright white, perhaps helping distract from the fact her tail is a two tone light blue color, a paler blue streak running down the center of the darker shaded sides, rather soft and unassuming, a light blue-green decorative tailband about an inch thick upon the base.

Her wings are as white as her body, not a speck of color to be found. The neatly kept mane that flows along her neck is a soft golden color. It is rather smooth, no fancy hairstyle, kept trimmed about halfway down her neck. Her ears are just as white as the rest of her, leaving the only color at this end of her body to be found in her eyes. She has soft sky blue eyes, darker than her tail hue and a bit easier to notice.

She does not wear anything too fancy. There is a small violet flower just behind her right ear that really stands out on a pony as colorless as she is. Or rather, used to be. The sparkle from her collar enhances the flower deeply, not to mention brightens Starfire's smile. The pendant that used to dangle from her left ear is gone, the small but deep crimson gemstone that represents her heart is no longer worn by her.

Almost lost in the white of her flank is her cutie mark, a silver comet that streaks forward and downwards diagonally at about forty-five degrees, leaving small nearly indistinguishable silver flecks trailing behind it, seeming to sparkle when the light strikes them just so.

She is also now wearing a beautiful finely crafted gem collar that gleams and shines even in the dimmest light. A gift from her special somepony, Chance, to symbolize their life together.

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  • Very Special Somepony (VSS)