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Squirrely is a cute little flying squirrel! He pauses from all his scampering about as he sees you looking and gives a cute little squirrelly smile and matching little chatter, before he's back on his way. He is currently helping Dusk with his many tasks!


Squirrelly.. is a squirrel! He's lived in a tree near Fluttershy's for most of his life. He almost got to be Rainbow Dash's pet, but she passed on his wonderful squirrelness. But then Dusk came along and they became fast friends. He helps Dusk a lot with little things (and some surprisingly not so little). But he still loves to go back and visit at Fluttershy's cottage whenever he can.

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Relation typeRelated characterAbout the relation
  • Friend

Squirrelly's pony critter! He hangs out around with and helps Dusk a lot.

  • Friend

Fluttershy - Another pony critter. She's always been so nice to Squirrelly and loves hanging around at her cottage.

  • Friend

Nutty Bullet - She's another squirrel! She doesn't fly, but she's still very cool! They met at Fluttershy Pony's place.