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Solar Solstice is a young Earth Pony of very light gray with a brown mane and bright, hazel eyes that seem distant, even expectant. As is common for his race he is well-built and strong, suited to heavy work, but the bag of delicate tools that hangs by his flanks and the goggles lying around his neck seem to suggest that he has far more esoteric interests than field work. One hint of his odd talents is his cutie mark, an arc of white that ascends to a half-sun, presumably at its zenith. Whatever the case may be, Solar seems to be a pony with big dreams, bigger than what his everyday world can likely contain.


MUCK History

Solar Solstice works as the second owner of Gearshaft and Son Co., a company (led by his father, Gearshaft) that specializes in the manufacture of agricultural equipment using the ancient art of the machinist. He is also involved in Project Spark, a secret endeavour, granted royal warrant and under the utmost secrecy, to create a new kind of power source for Equestria.

Three years after the return of Princess Luna

During the fall, Solar Solstice began a new business called "Solar's Spectacular Smoothies", which specializes in smoothies made from exotic tropical fruits (such as bananas and mangoes) not often seen in Equestria.

When the week-long Nightmare Night descended upon Equestria due to the actions of the Bloom Doll, Solstice got himself caught up in a haunted-house mystery with Bardigan and some other ponies. He discovered a spark of heroism in himself as he tried to fight the Nightmare which corrupted a pony spirit and kept him trapped in Nettleglum's home.

He visited Princess Luna as she handed out boons during the Winter Solstice, receiving a very special quest: to construct a space-going vessel under royal warrant with the assistance of Diamond Dancer. He was granted Luna's mark which he now bears on the underside of one hoof. Solstice, being determined to fulfill what he sees as his Princess's wish, has been seeking out Diamond Dancer's 'expertise' on space travel, much to the chagrin of her adoptive brother, Bardigan, who is worried enough as it is about Diamond's dangerous behaviour.

Four years after the return of Princess Luna

Solar Solstice visited Fluttershy and demonstrated his new machine: an instant pet-food processing device that blends, grinds, and purees all in one.

He continues to seek Diamond Dancer's company, hoping to win her trust and confidence, even offering to help her own quests out of the goodness of his heart.

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