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Skyheart has a rather lean stature due to not being particularly active. However, he keeps himself very tidy. His wings, in particular seem to be very well groomed and taken care of. He doesn't fly much on them so they are nigh pristine. In addition, he is often seen with his green saddlebags adorned with his cutie mark on the clasp. Inside this bag he carries his parchment, ink, and custom purple quills (which have a curious habit of sticking in his mane whenever he dips his head in to retrieve something.) Oddly enough, he never gets ink spilt anywhere, which might be the reasons why his mane isn't filled with ink when the quills assault it.


Skyheart is a Manehatten-born pegasus who currently lives in Ponyville. He grew up the son of Steel Heart, an earth pony lawyer and Silver Sky, a Cloudsdale-born Pegasus. Living a usual upper-middle class Manehatten life, he moved to Ponyville to attempt to find a venue for his writing. He's lived in the city for roughly a year now and is just as known as any other citizen, commonly identifiable by his saddlebags, writing materials, and his pet dove, Orpheus.

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Child Sky

Skyheart was turned into a small colt via a magic object for a short while.

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