Shadow Mane






A unicorn stallion stands before you, he is a fairly dark shade of grey. His mane and tail are flat black, and //at times// in a slight state of a mess, sometimes with a few knots and tangles in it. Normally he wears a number of rustic outfits that are fairly practical with lots of pockets, often with saddle bags. His outfits often cover not only his chest and withers, but at times his flank and hindquarters. Covering his cutie mark, should it be seen, it would be a shield with a sword behind it pointing down with the blade buried with the shield resting against the sword. it would also have a number of old scratched and minor scars. Another aspect is he actually has a sword with him at times, and a coil of rope.


A grey unicorn stallion with a Black mane and tail. He's an archeologist and an explorer. Though there are some who would argue he is more an explorer then archeologist. Having been out in the Everfree forest doing mapping and exploring various areas. He's somewhat out of the loop on current events.

Shadow Mane grew up in Manehatten to his parents (names undecided at this point) Along side his twin brother Stormcrow. Where as Shadow Mane has a grey coat and black mane, his twin is a mirror image, a black body and stormy grey mane. Both of his parents worked as librarians in the Manehatten library and various historical archives. His father was a sort of Lore keeper, Somepony who kept history that had not been yet written down.

As something of mystical side to him said that when Shadow and his brother were born, the two would be contradictions to family tradition. Both of which held at least twelve generations of family running the archives in Manehatten and other communities.

This was very true, instead of being very bookish as one might expect, Shadow Mane was highly adventurous, reading stories of adventures and journals of other ponies researching long forgotten ruins. Often going out to find new places on old maps. And more often then not being able to do just that. By the time he was ten, he had his Cutie Mark when some of the younger colts and fillies had gotten lost in a mine near Appleloosa when his class was on a field trip.

Shadow Mane was ignored when he told the adults he could find them, and when they set off to search some of those old decrepit mines, Shadow Mane went off on his own, taking a hatchet, some rope, and sneaking into the mine. He not only located the young foals, but also helped the adults get out despite a mine shaft collapse.

As time went on his magic grew stronger and so did his lust for historical knowledge and adventure. Despite the issues with his Brother Stormcrow being a fairly serious trouble maker, when he graduated school Shadow Mane was already a skilled camper, and explorer so he took on a bit of a life long dream, to start exploring the Everfree forest.

He had lost total track of time in the forest when he came upon the old castle that was being renovated. Given his skills at exploration and the maps he had made of the various areas of Everfree forest. He was hired to help explore and make maps of the surrounding areas of the castle which he took to with gusto. It was during this event he had learned that the sister of Princess Celestia had returned, Nightmare Moon, or rather Princess Luna. He had been that out of touch with recent events.

He only recently chose to leave the castle repair site when he needed more supplies and was intending to drop off a copy of his maps to the Ponyville Library.


Like the many classical adventurers in the fantasy stories. Shadow Mane also has a strong talent in historical archeology. Either alone or with a group, Shadow Mane can if given a map of a remote location, can roughly locate it taking more or less what is the safest path there. Although it may not be the fastest path. He is also very good at translating obscure languages. As part of this is is also very good at survival and camping. More then able to survive in the wilderness with natural goods the land provides. He is fairly adept identifying edible plants, as well as poisonous and or dangerous plants and animals.


Like all unicorns, Shadow Mane has a talent for magic. His strongest powers tend to be around his profession, a few note worthy spells he has are

Identify edible plants.

His automatic mapping Spell,
((This spell works very similar to what some experience in video games. In open country, the spell puts on a map, an area on about 40 feet around him with some good detail. As well as placing small marks like for caves, or other landmarks. In a cave or ruin it's limited to about 20 feet around him. and allows him to map ruins fairly accurately. This spell is one that when cast requires constant energy from him and mapping a 100 by 100 meter area would leave him totally exhausted in about four hours. This spell can also be used to record wall carvings or other works in perfect detail.))

Various light spells.

He also has some fairly strong telekinetic spells, able to fire small rocks with arrow like speed, and can lift a maximum weight of 200 pounds for about 10 minutes before he is totally exhausted.

Energy Bolt.
Shadow Mane can send a bolt of destructive energy at a target. He has at least once used it to blow open a cave entrance that had been covered with a rock slide. Before passing out.

Healing spells.
To a point Shadow Mane can heal injuries, cuts, bruises, broken bones are about the limit of his abilities, healing bruises would be of little effort, cuts would require more serious energy, while healing broken bones would exhaust him.

My relations: 

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  • Family

Other then his parents the only other person that is note worthy for Shadow Mane is his Brother Stormcrow. In a sense the two are opposite sides of the same coin. Where as Shadow Mane is friendly, fairly outgoing, helpful.

Stormcrow is the exact opposite. He is fairly unfriendly, withdraw, and couldn't care less about helping others unless there was something in it for him. Either making himself look good, or money. Stormcrow's interest in magic also includes myth's Legends and Lore. Often around artifacts, or creatures of powerful magic.

He also has an unhealthy interest in black magic. While he has yet to actually openly cross that fine line and become somepony who is a danger to those around them, he walks the edge very closely.

In other words, if somepony came to Shadow Mane and said that Stormcrow intentionally and deliberately hurt and injured them. As much as he would not want to believe it. He would have to take the accusation fairly seriously.

Stormcrow is for the moment nothing more then a back story character. That might change at some point in the future, if I desire to run a plot around him, or if staff need a OC villain to use in a plot.

Out of character (OOC) information: 

I have a casual interest in the MLP FIM series but circumstances have prevented me from seeing past the pilot episodes and a few more beyond that. So bare with me if I seem out of knowledge with the MUCK or MLP FIM Theme.